SoCal Missions

Hello! My name is Brita Pinkston, and I am the Missions Coordinator for the SoCal District.

SoCal is an incredible place to live! I am so thankful that we get the privilege to live in and serve such a multi-cultural, diverse, and flavorful part of the State!

This is a great District to "do" missions with. Doing missions means LIVING missionally. Local is global! We live in a vastly shifting culture with technology and opportunity that seems to be shrinking the globe, while not necessarily giving us tools to better understand (let alone love) our neighbor or to communicate with those of another culture or ethnicity.

More than ever, authentic human to human connection is desperately needed…especially in SoCal. Missions is truly about being fully human as Christ intended us to be and living in the overflow of being filled with the Spirit to all we meet. How we live in our own context is pivotal as we can only give away that which we possess. Missions does not start overseas—it’s all about our own front step.

To live as missionaries in this world, whether local or global there are three areas that are key. We are to be listeners, learners and lovers of all people. These three areas spill out into every facet of “doing” missions—because they are all about “being” and “embodying” what it means to be in Christ. We get to partner with God in this great adventure and I’m looking forward to this time together!

The purpose of our SoCal Missions Team is to:

1. Connect churches with missionaries/FMI and vice-versa.

2. Be a resource to help mobilize churches for global mission and mission opportunities (including training teams, answering questions on Go Teams, establishing Go Teams, and leadership development/training on cross-cultural ministry).

3. Sponsor missions trainings and events within the District, with emphasis on the local church impacting their own communities as well as abroad. Connecting churches with the same passion and vision to build a strong network of support!

4. Offer missionary connection, care, and prayer. All missionaries—whether short or long term—need these three vital components of support.

5. Encourage and give opportunity for pastors who have never been on a missions team to take a trip together and get the vision and passion for missions personally.

Stay tuned for more information on all of our SoCal missionaries that will be available here on this website very soon!

Questions? Contact me anytime!

Brita Pinkston
SoCal Missions Coordinator
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