sexual harassment prevention training

Sexual harassment and its effect on both individuals and organizations have been widely reported in the news over the last few years. With the attention sexual harassment has been receiving, the state of California passed Senate Bill 1343 requiring sexual harassment (SH) training for employers with 5 or more employees in the state with these requirements:

  • Employees must receive at least 1 hour of training every two years

  • Managers and supervisors must receive at least two hours of training every 2 years

  • All employees must be trained by January 2020 and then every 2 years

  • Temporary and seasonal employees must be trained within 30 days

  • New managers and supervisors must be trained within 6 months of hire as a manager or supervisor

Several churches have requested a recommended resource to meet this requirement. After a thorough due diligence process, we are pleased to announce that we have negotiated preferred pricing with Media Partners for sexual harassment prevention training. Media Partners recently released “Once & For All: Stopping Sexual Harassment at Work” — a comprehensive, award-winning training solution that utilizes a comprehensive storytelling approach to deliver the content through realistic scenarios and interactive e-learning. The course educates employees and gives managers the tools they need to identify and stop inappropriate behavior.

We have negotiated pricing with Media Partners, but we may be able to offer a larger discount if we know of your intent to use Media Partners as your provider for sexual harassment training. There is no obligation, and you will not be placed on a mailing list by responding to this email. This is only to negotiate better pricing. If you are interested in this training, please complete this quick survey by July 20th.

A sample of Media Partners resources are below:

After we collect your responses, you will receive a communication in August with the final pricing and the opportunity to sign up with Media Partners for this training.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Hester.