In order to be approved for Ordination this year, please complete and sign this 2-page application listed below and return to our office no later than August 1, 2017, via scan and email (socal@foursquare.org) or fax (805-256-7116) or mail to the address listed below.  In addition to the MP-1a, we will be completing an MP-4 Recommendation Form on your behalf to be signed by the District Supervisor and your Senior Pastor, if applicable, for presentation to the Foursquare Board.

Before beginning to complete your application, however, please read the attached booklet, “The Meaning and Challenge of Ordination in the Foursquare Gospel Church” by Dr. Nathaniel Van Cleave.  As you read it, please prayerfully consider the significance of what it says, and what you are about to experience.

Once submitted, the district office will get back to you with a confirmation. If you have any questions about this process, call or email the district office at socal@foursquare.org or 805.498.1600. 

1.  Meaning and Challenges of Ordination - download brochure

2.  MP-1a Ordination Application - download application

3.  MP-4 Ministerial Reference - download form