Who We Are

The SoCal District of Foursquare Churches stretches 200 miles in California— from Atascadero to Long Beach. Being that our district is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse in the nation, we face the challenges of reaching students from various backgrounds and walks of life. From Suburbanites, to Coastland Surfers, to LA Hipsters, and Desert Dirt Bikers, we have the unique opportunity of providing camps and conferences that will be relevant to students with very diverse interests.

In order to reach these students, the vision in the next two years for SoCal NextGen can be summed up in one word, “Unity”, which means to come together as a whole. Our goal is for each church to bring their unique Kingdom contribution as we come together as the SoCal district—embracing unity in diversity and giving value to people.

Paul tells the church in Philippians 2:2 to be, “…one in spirit and of one mind.” There is a blessing in unity and joy in seeing the value of each member of the body of Christ. If we can be one in the Holy Spirit and have the mind of Christ, we will see a new revival in the SoCal District as we come together for the cause of Christ.

With “Unity” in mind, we are focusing each year on the following themes, which we believe are the foundation of discipleship for the students in our district:

  • 2017: Identity
  • 2018: Spiritual Disciplines
  • 2019: Call and Mission

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I am thankful to serve with you!

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Ashton Fish

NextGen Coordinator
Email Ashton
805.498.1600 ext 7013


The Foursquare Church created a training series to prevent the maltreatment of children and youth so they can mature in personal faith in Christ without the wounds of abuse in their lives. Watch the four-part series here to watch Child and Youth Protection Training Series.

Developed by The Foursquare Church to accompany the training manuals below: