About the Process

If you have any questions about the process, click on the button below to email the SoCAL District Licensing Coordinator, Jenna Livingston:

There are five (5) phases to the licensing process:

1. Request Phase: The Senior Pastor (or other Ministry Leader) requests a license application to be sent to an applicant.

2. Background Phase: The District provides Applicant with a link to complete an pay for an online background check ($59) for any criminal and credit history.

3. Applicant Phase: District provides Applicant with license application. Applicant completes application and submits application fee ($90)

4. Candidate Phase: Candidate completes  online polity course and prepares for the licensing interview under the direction of a Coach.

5. Interview Phase: Candidate participates in a licensing interview with an Interview Panel.

Begin the Process

The start of the licensing process with Foursquare is for a lead pastor to request a license application by using the form below. If you are interested in applying for a license through church planting or coming into Foursquare, follow the Church Planting link or email Billy Calderwood at the SoCAL office.

Licensing questions? Send us an email or call 805-498-1600 ext 7020 to speak with Jenna Livingston.

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