Starting in January, 2017, Lead Pastors are no longer assigned to a division. Instead, each Lead Pastor is able to select a Cohort to join. We are requesting that every Senior and Co-Pastor fill out the form below. You will have the option to select a Cohort or select the option to opt-out of joining a Cohort. 

Once submitted, the district office will get back to you with confirmation of you being part of the Cohort. If you have any questions about this process, call or email the district office at socal@foursquare.org or 805.498.1600. 

Watch this video from Supervisor Dr. Dennis Easter about Leaders Cohorts and how they work in partnering with you for your unique Kingdom contribution.

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Location: Antioch Church, Simi Valley
Focus: To be determined by the cohort. 
When: Third Wednesday, Every other month. 

robert burnett

Location: San Luis Obispo County
Focus: Relationships, talk. listen, encourage, share a meal.  
When: Thursdays at 10am, Every month. 

Jim Duran

Location: Central Coast
Focus: Various topics decided by the cohort with an emphasis on missional living.  
When: Every other month, Actual day to be determined. 

bernie Federmann

Location: Lompoc Foursquare / Video Conference
Focus: Doing Church as a Team both inside and outside the walls of the church.  City Impact and Influence.  
When: Every other month, Actual day to be determined. 

RObb Hattem

Location: To be determined.
Focus: Personal, pastoral care. 
When: Every other month, Actual day to be determined. 

Joe Hernandez

Location: Worship Walk, Burbank
Focus: Bi-lingual / Multicultural churches. 
When: Quarterly, Saturday mornings.

Dan Hicks

Location: The Church on the Way, Van Nuys
Focus: Legacy years and investing into younger leaders.  
When: Every other month, Second Thursday of each month. 

Larry Jameson

Location: Paramount Area
Focus: Conversation and prayer for mutual support. the cohort will decide on the materials to be read together.  
When: Evenings, Every Other Month

Kladnik, Matt.jpg

Matt Kladnik

Location: Redondo Beach / Culver City
Focus: To be determined. 
When: Every other month, Thursdays at noon. 

Alex Prokopchik

Alex Prokopchik

Location: North Hollywood
Focus: Bi-vocational ministry. Multi-ethnic ministry. 
When: Quarterly, Tuesday at 7pm.

Jan Spencer

Location: Camille's Sidewalk Cafe 43901 15th Street West Lancaster, CA93534
Focus: Each month will focus on a different area of church life and ministry, e.g., Empowering/Coaching Leadership, Passionate Spirituality, Organizational Structures/Management, Gift Cultivation and Ministry, Evangelism/Outreach, Worship Services and Preaching, Small Group Ministries, Pastoral Transitions.  
When: Monthly, Saturdays at 8:30am

Ralph TorreS

Location: Pasadena
Focus: Generational group - topics and current pastoral challenges  Conversations that build cross-generational thinking  Building value together and partnering with one another in the ministry.
When: Monthly. Second Thursday at 7pm.

philip Wang

Location: Alhambra
Focus: Chinese churches.
When: To be determined.

Charles Williams

Location: To be determined.
Focus: Relationship building with the goal of providing mutual support among pastors, as well as providing coaching and other resources as needed. 
When: Monthly.