This workshop is geared toward leaders who want to learn how to ask the right questions and draw out what is God has already been speaking to your team. Participants will learn powerful tools that will help in practical ministry.

If you have any questions about this event, contact our Coaching Coordinator, Amy Swanson.

why coaching?

Coaching can help you:

  • Multiply your ministry impact

  • Take your thinking to places you haven’t gone before

  • Grab hold of your personal and ministry dreams

  • Gain new insights and perspective on your ministry challenges


what is life coaching?

Coaching is defined as an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or group to fully live out God’s calling! Coaches focus on your agenda and merely use powerful questions to help get you “unstuck” or to explore new ways of thinking about your roles and goals. And it’s completely confidential!

who is coaching for?

Coaching is for everyone! The coach approach is personal and honors your uniqueness and God’s calling on your life. The coach approach creates a supportive environment to help you discover what God is doing in your life and in your ministry. The coach uses questions, not advice, to help you find your own answers and honor what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life.

Why should i seek out a coach?

Because coaching works! Powerful questions prompt reflection and creativity that produces customized solutions. Coaching will move you off the ‘well-worn’ path onto a new road to discovery.

when and where does coaching take place?

Coaching can take place anywhere and at any time. Coaches will connect with you on your schedule and coaching sessions can be held in person, by Skype or on the phone.

how do i get connected to a coach?

All you have to do is contact our SoCAL District Coaching Coordinator, Amy Swanson. She will get you connected and you will be on your way to an amazing journey of discovery.

who are your socal district coaches?

Click on the photos to get to know the members of SoCAL District Coaching Team.

kristin calderwood

Dale and Patti Downs

bernie federmann

Dan Hicks

Larry and Deborah Jameson

Tim Lee

Dale and Amy Swanson