The SoCAL District is part of the Foursquare Church and consists of 150 churches in Southern California from Long Beach, to Arcadia, to the High Desert and up the Central Coast to Atascadero. 



The rule of life: Soil

A “rule of life” is simply a rhythm of practices that empowers us to live well and grow more like Jesus by helping us experience God in evening. The word “rule” actually comes from the Greek word that means “trellis.” A trellis is a support system for a vine or plant that enable it to grow upward and bear fruit. For a grapevine to produce good grapes it must have a trellis to support and guide its growth or it will slump to the ground. It is part of their nature to seek structure.
— Ken Shigematsu, God In My Everything
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There are two things that form the nutrient-rich soil for our Rule of Life; they are our Mission and Values.



We PARTNER with leaders and churches for their unique kingdom contribution.



Relationship RELEASES Ministry
Stewardship RELEASES Resources
Leadership RELEASES Potential



Rule of life: Missional Objectives

The ultimate purpose for this rule of life is to "bear much fruit" in the three major outcomes that have been identified by Foursquare:

Leadership Formation

Church Transformation

Church Multiplication

catalytic events

Advancing leaders

Advancing Leaders 1-day events are usually held at the beginning of the year for training church leaders and teams.

foursquare connection

Each year the Foursquare Church gathers for an annual convention to connect and grow.


ConVerge is SoCAL's annual fall conference, gears toward helping leaders from around the district connect and learn together


Sustainable Process

Leadership Coaching

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While a coaching culture is already part of our Church Planting and Learning Communities, it is now becoming a standalone resource. Certified Coaches will provide a personal transformation process for Lead Pastors.

Learning Communities

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Our Learning Communities are meant for like-minded, like-missioned leaders who are looking for an intentional relationship process of transformation for themselves and their congregation. This where we are strategically placing SoCAL U.

Leader Cohorts

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A safe place to voluntarily connect with other leaders on a regular basis to mutually support each other and discover from one another best practices and lessons learned in our ministry settings.


In our Strategic Delivery Model many of our resources actually serve more than one fo the missional objectives of Leadership Formation, Church Transformation and Church Planting. In the chart to the right, we have identified all of the resources being offered this year and the objectives (x) they help serve.

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