Southern California District of Foursquare Churches

The SoCAL District exists to partner with churches and leaders to do what God has called them to do and be who God has called them to be. We are part of Foursquare and cover the region from Long Beach to the San Gabriel Valley to the High Desert and up the Coast to Atascadero.

registration includes

  • Training for pastors, leaders and church members
  • Lunch
  • A free copy of A.J. Swoboda's new book for each attendee  before you can get it on Amazon (list price of $19.99)
  • Online registration deadline - 1/18/18 at 12 noon
  • Walk-on registration available on Saturday, 1/20 for $15 (no discounts apply) to include the seminar and free book (no lunch included)

registration cost

  • $15 per person
  • Groups of 4 or more get a 25% discount

when and where


Every year the SoCAL District of Foursquare Churches offers training for leaders and their teams. This year is no exception as we are excited to offer a day with Dr. A.J. Swoboda. 

We live in a 24/7 culture of endless productivity, workaholism, distraction, burnout, and anxiety – a way of life to which we’ve sadly grown accustomed. This tired system of “life” ultimately destroys our souls, our bodies, our relationships, our society, and the rest of God’s creation. The whole world grows exhausted because humanity has forgotten to enter into God’s rest.

This Advancing Leaders' Day pioneers a creative path to an alternative way of existing. Combining creative storytelling, pastoral sensitivity, practical insight, and relevant academic research, Subversive Sabbath offers a unique invitation to personal Sabbath-keeping that leads to fuller and more joyful lives. A. J. Swoboda demonstrates that Sabbath is both a spiritual discipline and a form of social justice, connects Sabbath-keeping to local communities, and explains how God may actually do more when we do less. He shows that the biblical practice of Sabbath-keeping is God’s plan for the restoration and healing of all creation.


Online registration deadline is 12 noon on Thursday, 1/18. Walk-in registrations will be accepted on Saturday morning, 1/20, but the amount will be $15 (no discounts) and will include the seminar and the book only. Lunch WILL NOT be included.


SoCAL U is a one-year, college-level program, at a low cost.  Hear lectures from Foursquare leaders—Jack Hayford, Chuck Shoemake, Dennis Easter, Larry Powers, Dan Stewart and others. Registration for the Winter trimester is open now!




At ConVerge17, the SoCAL District committed to raising the remaining $40,000 needed to complete the building project for the church in Belmopan, Belize. With the giving at ConVerge and pledges we are half of the way there!

If you made a pledge or want to give, send a check to the SoCAL District with "Belize" in the memo. 

SoCAL District
592 Poli Street
Ventura, CA 93003

Advancing Leaders 1 Day Videos are Up

Our Advancing Leaders 1-Day training event from January 28th is now ready to be viewed, downloaded and passed along to your team. The four hour of training are broken down into four sessions that go along with the handouts which were used at the event. 


Leaders Coaching

Leaders Coaching is open to all Senior and Co-Pastors in the SoCAL District. Coaching is a specific process of drawing out of you what God has put in. Often when we feel stuck or want to move to the next level, coaching beings clarity and breakthrough.



Launch assists pastors and churches to connect young leaders in the launch of new NextGen ministries within the local church, while providing these young leaders with mentoring, coaching and training in effective NextGen ministries.



Explore key paradigm shifts, principles, and practices for kingdom impact, missional movement and multiplication. All new lead pastors, church planters and leaders who want to see transformations in the church they pastor are invited.



God’s vision for our churches is vibrant and wonderful. God Dreams is a learning community of core leaders who go through a discernment process of finding and focusing their church’s future.